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  • Prodigy II - Interactive
  • Prodigy II - Interactive
  • Prodigy II - Interactive
  • Prodigy II - Interactive
  • Prodigy II - Interactive
  • Prodigy II - Interactive
  • Prodigy II - Interactive
  • Prodigy II - Interactive
  • Prodigy II - Interactive
  • Prodigy II - Interactive

Prodigy II - Interactive


Enjoy live piano music and get your own studio at home! Have you always wanted to compose, record your own music and play it live on your own piano? This is the system for you!

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- What is a Prodigy II Player System?
Prodigy II is the world’s most advanced high-resolution computerized piano player system that can be fitted to almost any acoustic uprght or grand piano that plays live piano music at the touch of a button. 
- What are the unique features of the Prodigy II "Interactive" edition?
  • Suitable for acoustic grand or upright piano
  • (Standard or Low profile) with 1,024 Levels of Expression
  • Free iQ Player iPad/Phone App available for easy operation
  • 5 years Warranty
  • Music Library has 600 songs included for FREE
  • ProScan Optical MIDI Record/Sensor System
- What are the strengths of the upgraded Prodigy II?
  • Doubled processor power for AUDIO and MIDI, making the system more powerful and responsive.
  • Extended connectivity options with dual Bluetooth, MIDI, audio, and WIFI audio for a flexible musical experience.
  • Various playback options without an iPad, such as using an SD card or USB.
  • New chips for improved performance, including enhanced "note release control" for lifelike key operation.
  • Special attention to improved volume control, especially for softer music, for a precisely tuned sound.
  • Enhanced connectivity with playback devices like iPad for smooth interaction.
  • Volume control for external devices via the convenient IQ Player app.
- Can Prodigy II Player Systems be installed into my piano?
Yes! Prodigy II Player systems can be installed into almost any new or pre-owned acoustic grand or upright piano.
- How does PianoDisc IQ player work?
PianoDisc’s technology consists of proprietary and patented SilentDrive HD II software and hardware. These technologies utilize high-resolution electro-mechanical solenoids that are installed underneath the piano’s keys and pedals to precisely control their movement, velocity, and duration. The end result is the most advanced player piano system available, capable of over 1,024 levels of expression, bringing your piano and favorite piano performances to life.
- Is there any visible hardware with Prodigy Player System?
No! Prodigy’s components are hidden away within the body of your piano and are completely invisible once they’re installed, leaving the natural beauty of your piano untouched.
- Who can install a Prodigy II Player System for me?

Contact us and we will refer you to a trained and certified PianoDisc technician near you. 

- How do I play music?
Experience seamless musical enjoyment with our IQ Player app, available for both Apple and Android. After installation, the app grants access to hundreds of downloadable songs for free. Expand your collection by purchasing additional music from the extensive library at Pianodisc.com, easy to download and link in the IQ Player app.
- What music is currently available?

Explore the extensive music library of PianoDisc, filled with thousands of songs and videos across various music styles, ranging from classical to pop and jazz. Prodigy II is also seamlessly integrating with MIDI files available online.

- Are there technical courses available for dealers?
For over 30 years, Prodigy systems have been installed into some of the world’s most expensive pianos, including heirloom antique pianos and even square and spinit models. PianoDisc has trained and certified thousands of qualified piano technicians, piano rebuilders/reconditioners, and piano factory personnel all over the world, to perform factory installations.
The PianoDisc technical course curriculum consists of hands-on training, troubleshooting, post-installation regulation, service, and legacy product upgrades. Additionally, PianoDisc offers a continued education course, as well as instructional videos, literature, and other resources to keep PianoDisc technicians certified with our latest products and technologies. 
- How does Prodigy II differ from other player systems?
Since 1988, PianoDisc has been the world’s leader in player piano technology and manufacturing. User friendly, always upgradable, retrofittable and easy connection to the internet and your music, PianoDisc is dedicated to bringing their customers the latest innovations in entertainment and musical performances.
PianoDisc has long history and reputation of meticulously edited musical scores and performances, bringing live music into your home on your piano. Our systems offer compatibility with thousands of educational and performance apps that give their customers the ultimate experience with their piano.


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