PianoDisc Player System Repair Set

Delivery time: 1 - 2 Days


1- 6250-00011- Keydriver board [Current HD]
1-3350-00017-Power Supply [large]
1-3350-00015-Powersupply [small]
1-1700-12064-03-Data cable 4'
3-1700-12062-8 Data Cables
1-1700-20033-6 pin DC Adapter Cable
1-1700-20034-Pedsol - RCA female to 2 pin adapter cable
1-1700-20037- Prorecord to Prodigy Connecting cable also use for trouble shooting CPU to Keydriver board
1-1700-12182-6 pin to 6 pin cable [10']
1-1700-12133-Power supply adapter cable #9to#8]
1-1700-30012-ProRecord harness cable
1-4000-11001-01-Standard short key solenoid
1-4000-11001-02Standard long solenoid
1-4100-11002-LP profile key solenoid


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