QuietTime GT-2 mini-2

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  • QuietTime GT-2 mini-2 system for an Upright piano 
  • Upgrade: to replace the electronics from an old system (doesn't contain a stoprail)
  • Control unit: to replace the control panel of a QuietTime GT-2 mini-2
Product features QuietTime GT-2 mini-2
  • Recording capacity of 1 song
  • Only suitable for Upright piano's
  • 1 year warranty
  • 6 preset sounds
  • Control panel is extendable with a graphic display for easy operation
  • Effects: Reverb, Chorus, Velocity, Pitch and Transpose

A QuietTime GT-2 mini-2 is a complete silent system that can be built into nearly every piano retroactively. When the system is installed, the user can switch his piano to mute, in the evening for example, and play using headphones without disturbing their neighbors or roommates.

The QuietTime GT-2 mini-2 system comes with reliable and long-lasting sensor technology. The sensor bar is installed under the keys of the upright piano. It has touch-less 88 key sensors that measure the movements of every single key and convert them to General MIDI data. In addition, every QuietTime GT-2 mini-2 comes with a stop bar. This bar is installed into the upright where it stops the hammers before they touch the strings. Of course, the stop bar is easily movable, allowing the piano to be played normally as well.

The best of the three areas of the QuietTime technology:

  1. Optimal stop bar with only minimal changes in let-off
  2. Reliable and durable touch-less key sensor system
  3. Excellent piano tone produced by the QuietTime GT-2 mini-2 synthesizer, developed especially for this use. Plus 127 other instrument tones. 
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