Mason and Hamlin model B with Pianodisc Player system demo 2016

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Regarded as a stunnin g design achievement by technicians and artists, the Model B possesses the rich, full sound of a large grand piano in a space friendly size. It is at home in every living room, lobby and practice room.

Mason and Hamlin uses Wessell Nickel and Gross piano actions made from advanced composite and carbon fiber materials, no technical troubles in a space where humidity control is a trouble.

Mason and Hamlin is build with a tension resonator, the crown retention system, which is unique en lends stability to the grand piano.

Build as the strongest piano Mason and Hamlin is the finest instrument in the world.

Inclusive the best player system this moment, the PianoDisc Prodigy Player system. Inclusive 400 songs and the podssibility to record your songs to Midi file.

Model B:

Lenght: 163 cm

Width: 145 cm

Rim: Hard rock maple

Soundboard: Eastern White Spruce

Sounboard Size: 1883 sq in.

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